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China News Service, January 17th, in order to attract more tourists to Hebei for sightseeing, leisure and New Year, further enrich the supply of winter tourism products in Hebei, and create a new image of Hebei’s winter tourism with bright spots. On January 16, the Hebei Provincial Culture and Tourism Sponsored by Hebei Radio and Television Station, Hebei Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd., and CYTS Lianke (Beijing) Digital Marketing Co., Ltd., the “So Close, So Beautiful Weekend to Hebei” 2023 Winter Tour to Hebei Fudi for New Year’s Eve publicity and promotion activity was held in Beijing Grand opening.

“So close and so beautiful to Hebei on the weekend” 2023 winter tour to Hebei Fudi to celebrate the Chinese New Year publicity and promotion campaign kicks off

This event adopts the combination of “online + offline”, and starts with the “Hebei Winter Invitation” themed promotional film of “Majestic and Magnificent”, and officially kicks off in the lively and festive atmosphere of the dance “Happy New Year” curtain. At the event site, the theme of “Visit Hebei to celebrate the new year in winter” was promoted, and Hebei’s cultural tourism preferential policies and measures were released through videos.

In recent years, the Hebei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has made great efforts to promote the recovery of the province’s cultural and tourism industry. The province’s cultural and tourism system has concentrated its strength and closely focused on serving the people of the province and attracting tourists from Beijing, Tianjin and other places. It has introduced a series of policies to vigorously enrich the festivals of the people. Cultural life and tourism life, promote the revitalization of culture and tourism, and create a new situation in the development of cultural tourism. Zhang Cai, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and party secretary of the Hebei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, pointed out in his speech that Hebei has beautiful scenery, brilliant culture, and rich tourism resources. In the boutique area, the supply of tourism products is increasingly abundant, and the tourism infrastructure and public services are fully optimized, providing more and more diverse choices for the general public and tourists to enjoy Hebei. Hebei’s winter tourism is also rich and colorful. Taking advantage of the wonderful and successful Beijing Winter Olympics, Hebei’s ice and snow tourism products and services have been comprehensively improved, and brand awareness and reputation have reached a new height. Chongli, the main venue for snow events in the Beijing Winter Olympics, has more than a dozen high-level ski resorts, as well as a number of ice and snow towns with complete facilities, and has become a popular place for winter tourism. At the same time, high-quality hot springs are dotted all over Hebei, each with its own characteristics. Zhengding, Guangfu, Yuxian and other ancient cities and folk temple fairs complement each other with excitement and festivities, making them the first choice for people to travel to celebrate the New Year.

According to Zhang Jingshan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Hebei Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd., Hebei Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd. seized the major economic opportunities after the Olympics and focused on building new cultural and tourism scenarios such as white ice and snow, red party building, green leisure, and healthy elderly care. In the next step, the company will give full play to the advantages of state-owned enterprises, carry out the mission of strengthening the province through tourism, face Beijing and Tianjin, serve Beijing and Tianjin, continuously improve the quality of tourism services and tourist satisfaction, and strive to do a good job in the brand of tourism investment and cultural tourism.

Shi Anping, a first-level inspector of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, said that Beijing and Hebei have been geographically connected since ancient times, people are close, geographically integrated, and culturally connected. Delivery and market mutual benefit, and jointly write a new chapter in the coordinated development of Beijing-Hebei culture and tourism.

Wang Heyun, first-level inspector of the Resource Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, pointed out in his speech that Hebei is rich in winter tourism resources, with unique characteristics of ice and snow, hot springs, and folk customs. In particular, Zhangjiakou, as one of the hosts of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, has become the largest ice and snow tourist attraction in North China. The opening and operation of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway has made it more convenient for people from Beijing, Tianjin and the whole country to travel to Zhangjiakou. This time, Hebei held a “Winter Tour in Hebei” theme promotional event in Beijing, releasing the province’s winter tourism theme activities, featured product routes, and measures to benefit and facilitate the people, which will further stimulate the enthusiasm of the general public to travel to Hebei and prosper the winter tourism market Helping “check in for tourism and leisure to open a happy Spring Festival” has become a new trend of the festival.

At the meeting, preferential policies and measures for cultural tourism in Hebei were released at the same time. At the same time, Beijing Travel Agency, Beijing RV Camping and Self-Driving Travel Association, and travel experts released the “Send Guests to Hebei” plan, and Hebei Airlines brought a flash show of “Happy Invitation to Winter Tour in Hebei”.

The Spring Festival holiday is the peak time for people to visit relatives and friends and travel for leisure. It is reported that the Hebei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism will actively respond to the notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on the launch of the “Punching in Tourism and Leisure to Open the Happy Spring Festival” – 2023 Spring Festival Tourism and Leisure Promotion Activities, vigorously innovate publicity and promotion, and enhance the “winter tourism in Hebei” With the brand awareness and influence of “Blessed Land for the New Year”, organize and carry out cultural and tourism activities with various forms, rich contents, and a combination of online and offline, and vigorously develop cultural tourism with the help of the cultural tourism market’s good season of “the spring breeze is warming up and everything is recovering”. A series of activities guides tourists to participate in winter tourism and leisure, polishes the eye-catching ice and snow business card of winter tours in Hebei, enriches Spring Festival culture and tourism life, promotes the orderly recovery and development of culture and tourism consumption, and creates a joyful and peaceful festival atmosphere.

Visit Hebei blessed land in winter to celebrate Chinese New Year

The Department of Culture and Tourism of Hebei Province has seized new opportunities and new hopes for recovery and revitalization in the development of culture and tourism, adhering to the concept of win-win cooperation, innovation and openness, and responded to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s 2023 Spring Festival tourism promotion of “checking in for tourism and leisure to open a happy Spring Festival” The call for promotional activities is to comprehensively cultivate and integrate ice and snow tourism resources, and cooperate with various cities in the province to launch five themed winter tour products and boutique routes of “playing on ice and snow, soaking in hot springs, tasting food, visiting ancient cities, and appreciating folk customs”, making Hebei a tourist attraction for tourists from Beijing and Tianjin. The first choice for leisure and vacation.

At the event site, Wang Rongli, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, introduced the relevant content of the national solicitation activity for the theme song “So Close, So Beautiful, Go to Hebei on the Weekend”. Wang Rongli pointed out that the theme of this solicitation is “so close, so beautiful, go to Hebei on weekends”. The selected songs must have a clear theme, smooth melody, and be easy to sing. The breath of the times and artistic expression. Diversified genres, forms and styles of works are encouraged, while being innovative and easy to disseminate on new media such as the Internet. In this song solicitation activity, 11 excellent songs will be selected as excellent works, with a total bonus of 500,000 yuan, including 1 first prize with a bonus of 200,000 yuan; 10 excellent awards with a bonus of 30,000 yuan each. January 16 to March 15, 2023.

It is understood that a total of more than 150 A-level scenic spots in Hebei Province have launched free or half-price tickets, and more than 80 star-rated hotels have offered half-price discounts on house prices during the Spring Festival. In addition, more than 600 various cultural and tourism activities have been launched.

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