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“Spare no effort to grasp the project” Inner Mongolia plans to “open the door steadily and get off to a good start”-Chinanews.com

The picture shows the scene of the first meeting of the 14th National People’s Congress of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.Photo by Han Qingli

Chinanews.com, Hohhot, January 12 (Reporter Li Aiping) At the beginning of the new year, how can the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern Xinjiang, China achieve a “stable start and a good start”? At the first meeting of the 14th National People’s Congress of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region held here on January 12, the official gave the development idea of ​​”spare no effort to grasp the project”.

Wang Lixia, chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, introduced many projects that Inner Mongolia will promote this year when she made a government work report that day.

These projects include: firmly promote the pilot project of building a strong transportation country, speed up the progress of projects such as Jidayuan, Baoyin, and Taixi, strive to start the construction of the Eyuyan high-speed railway, and promptly promote the Bao’e, Jitongchang, Qiwutong, Qihaiman high-speed railway and the two Preliminary work such as the reconstruction of the Iraqi and Linha railways, and strive to achieve a railway construction scale of 1,700 kilometers and a high-speed railway of 470 kilometers.

Accelerate the construction of projects such as the G5511 large passageway and the G331 border road, and implement 15 national and provincial arterial “broken road” through projects, and strive to start construction of 10,000 kilometers of roads; complete the construction of the terminal area and flight area of ​​Hohhot New Airport, and start 11 General airport construction.

Focusing on industrial development, optimize the layout of infrastructure, plan and build a number of park railway lines, tourist roads, and industrial roads, and enhance the supporting service functions of industrial parks and tourist attractions.

Complete the Dongtaizi Reservoir, promote the second phase of Yinchuo-Jilao and the reconstruction of Hetao irrigation area, carry out the preliminary work of the third phase of Yellow River flood control, Yinnen-Jixi, and Ulanqab urban water supply, strengthen the construction of farmland water conservancy facilities, and focus on building integrated flood control A comprehensive water network integrating functions such as disaster reduction, water resource allocation, and water resource protection.

Construct the “four horizontal and five vertical” power backbone grids in western Mongolia and the “eight horizontal and two vertical” in eastern Mongolia, promote the collection and distribution of large new energy bases and the construction of new channels for green power and green hydrogen to Beijing, and deploy a number of charging piles , Hydrogen refueling station. The installed capacity of the new data center is 500,000, and the number of 5G base stations is 20,000. (Finish)

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