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Sun Jixue: Rooted in Rural Schools for 30 Years Poetry in Ordinary

When students participate in the show, Sun Jixue does not demand high performance quality, he pays attention to let the children dare to go on stage and cultivate self-confidence.Photo provided by the interviewee

  (New Year’s walk to the grassroots) Sun Jixue: Rooted in rural schools for 30 years, poetry in ordinary work

Chinanews, Yuncheng, January 7th, title: Sun Jixue: Rooted in rural schools for 30 years, poetry in ordinary work

Chinanews reporter Lu Qiguo

Sun Jixue, who is busy installing the screen window, sees thin beads of sweat on his forehead as the setting sun shines through the glass in winter.

“The screens are all newly made. This summer, teachers and children will be able to keep mosquitoes out of the windows.” Sun Jixue said.

54-year-old Sun Jixue, after graduating from university, gave up the favorable treatment of a central enterprise and returned to Qinglan Village, Shengrenjian Town, Pinglu County, Shanxi Province to work as a teacher. In the past 30 years, he has experienced the dismantling of the junior high school and the transformation of the primary school into a teaching point, and he still retains his persistent persistence.

  Abandoning work in a central enterprise and returning to the village as a teacher

In 1992, after graduating from Northwest University, Sun Jixue was assigned to work in Changqing Oilfield. In 1993, after learning that the education system of his hometown, Pinglu County, was recruiting graduates from non-teaching colleges, Sun Jixue resolutely signed up and became an English teacher at Yuan Qinglan Middle School.

“When Teacher Sun worked in Changqing Oilfield, his monthly salary was more than 600 yuan; when he returned to his hometown as a teacher, his monthly salary was only 191.5 yuan at first.” Yao Guoliang, secretary of the party branch of Qinglan Village and director of the village committee, said that at that time, Sun Jixue’s choice made him Many people can’t understand.

“I grew up in Qinglan Village, and I also studied at Qinglan Middle School. If I have the opportunity to do something for the school in my hometown, it is worth giving up some treatment.” Sun Jixue said.

Since he was studying English at Northwestern University, Sun Jixue taught English as a course since he was an oilfield worker and became a middle school teacher for more than ten years.

In the eyes of the teacher, Sun Jixue is a proper “general subject teacher”. After working as an English teacher for more than ten years, because the new teacher wanted to teach English, he took the initiative to let him take other courses, including Chinese, mathematics, geography, biology and other courses.

One year, Sun Jixue served as a mathematics teacher in the third grade of junior high school. After the results of the senior high school entrance examination were announced, the excellent rate of mathematics in the class he led was higher than the passing rate of the parallel class.

Due to his outstanding teaching achievements, Sun Jixue had the opportunity to work in a middle school in Pinglu County as early as the 1990s. After Qinglan Middle School was withdrawn, the principal of a middle school in the county extended an invitation to her again. However, he gave up both opportunities.

“It’s not Qinglan’s students who can’t live without me, it’s me who can’t live without Qinglan’s students.” Sun Jixue said that although one person’s strength is limited, he can drive other teachers to take root in the grassroots, and then make rural children grow up at the doorstep. Can enjoy a good education.

Sun Jixue likes to play table tennis. Many table tennis enthusiasts under the age of 40 around Qinglan Village have received his technical guidance.Photo by Lu Qiguo

  The number of students at teaching points increased from 3 to 9

With the adjustment of the original Qinglan Primary School as a teaching point, Sun Jixue served as the person in charge of the teaching point. At that time, the outflow of students at the teaching site was serious, and only 3 students were available to teach among the 5 teachers. How to retain students has become a difficult problem that Sun Jixue urgently needs to solve.

“Parents should send it with confidence, teachers should teach with heart, and students should learn happily.” While giving the answer, Sun Jixue urged all the teachers: “Through our joint efforts, let students learn happily, and don’t let students become a burden for parents. “

The girl, Li, has no mother. She studied in a school in Pinglu County in the first grade of primary school. Because of her timidity, frequent peeing and mental retardation, she was transferred back to Qinglan’s teaching site after entering the second grade.

“My promise to the child’s father is: send the child to school on time at 7:30 every day, and leave the rest to me.” In order for Li to build up his self-confidence and make up for cultural lessons, Sun Jixue gave Li to his relatives. like love.

Li often wets his pants. Sun Jixue packed two big bags of the clothes his daughter wore when he was a child and took them to school. Whenever Li peed his pants, he arranged for the teacher to help change them. bring home.

Li’s foundation in cultural courses was poor, and Sun Jixue started to cultivate his self-confidence by reciting ancient poems; in order to strengthen his physical fitness, he was urged to complete morning exercises, inter-class exercises, and class exercises every day.

At present, Li has been able to recite more than 100 ancient poems proficiently, his performance in cultural subjects has improved significantly, and his personality has become much more cheerful.

With the efforts of Sun Jixue and other teachers, Qinglan Teaching Point not only retained the original three students, but also ushered in the return of outflowing students, and the total number of students has increased to nine.

The picture shows Sun Jixue installing the screen window alone, and he does all the school chores.Photo by Lu Qiguo

The picture shows Sun Jixue installing the screen window alone, and he does all the school chores.Photo by Lu Qiguo

  Be a good “waiter” for 13 teachers and students

During the interview at the Qinglan teaching site, Yao Guoliang commented on Sun Jixue as follows: a good teacher with a lot of love, and a “waiter” for 13 teachers and students.

According to Yao Guoliang, Sun Jixue leads all sub-classes such as physical education, music, art, and science in Qinglan’s teaching site, and the teaching task is very heavy. However, in order to ensure that the other four teachers could teach with peace of mind, Sun Jixue took the initiative to take over the chores of Qinglan’s teaching site.

In October last year, due to the need for epidemic prevention and control, all four teachers of Qinglan teaching site could not go home. During that time, Sun Jixue often invited the teachers to his home and tried various ways to improve the lives of the teachers.

Qinglan teaching site provides students with a meal at noon every day, and charges 5 yuan per person per day. In order to reduce the burden on parents, Sun Jixue led the teachers to take time to grow vegetables on campus. He himself spends thousands of yuan from his salary every year to ensure that students eat well.

“The person in charge of a teaching site must have love, publicity, and a sense of responsibility, so that teachers can be satisfied and parents can be at ease.” Sun Jixue said that poetry is not far away, but in ordinary work; treating work as poetry is simple and exquisite. (Finish)

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