Supergirl actress sides with Amber Heard

Actors like Jason Momoa, Heard’s Aquaman co-actor, can be found in the “Following” list of both the parties on Instagram.

Then there are people who did not publicaly comment on the defamation lawsuit but chose their side by ignoring one of them on social media.

Jennifer Aniston is prominent among 26 million people who are following Depp. The “Friends” star is nowhere to be found in the list of people who are following Amber Heard.

Similarly, Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist and “Vikings” star Katheryn Winnick seem to be on Amber’s side.

Benoist has been quite vocal in her support of MeToo movement and one can understand that she would not trust Johnny Depp.

Winnick, who rose to fame for her role as Lagertha in “Vikings” also seems to be convinced with what Amber Heard has been saying against her former husband.

Both the female actors are not following Johnny Depp on the photo and video sharing app.

Supergirl actress sides with Amber Heard

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