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Taishan “Pork Belly Ci”: There are many ways to eat and

The Dish Pork Ribs Noodles in Taicheng Everyone’s Good Food Shop, as soon as they are cooked, diners rush to pack them first. Photo by Li Xiaochun, Jiangmen, January 12th, title: Taishan “Pork Belly Ci”: There are many ways to eat it

Author Li Xiaochun Guo Jun

In Guangdong, rice products such as Chencun noodles, river noodles, rice noodles, rice noodles, etc., which are always available for breakfast and supper, have long been familiar to the common people and never get tired of eating them. People in Yangjiang, Guangdong, call the cooked rice noodles cooked with rice milk “fenpi”, cut out the size of a square paper, and roll the pre-fried bean sprouts, rice noodles, etc. busy”. This “Fenpi” has a unique name in Taishan City, Guangdong – “Pork Belly Ci”.

The “pig belly glutinous rice cake” is rolled into long strips, which is called “pig intestines powder” or “rolling powder” by Taishan people. Photo by Li Xiaochun

Taishan is the hometown of high-quality silk seedling rice in China. It has the resource advantage of “the first field in Guangdong”. It can produce tens of thousands of tons of high-quality rice annually. Provides more favorable protection.

“Fried glutinous rice cakes”, dipped in the gravy sauce of the side dishes to eat, the entrance is more layered Photo by Li Xiaochun

In the past, folk cooking flour rice products were all done by hand, and the freshly cooked vermicelli skin was easy to wrinkle if it was slightly careless during stacking. According to legend, a master chef in Taishan saw that the wrinkled noodle was somewhat similar to wrinkled pork belly when he was making noodle, so he jokingly called it “pig belly Ci”, which was once popular among Taishan folks. On the other hand, there are also Taishan people who will roll long strips of vermicelli, called “pig intestines fun” or “rolled noodles”.

The freshly steamed dish pork ribs powder, topped with the secret sauce is the

The freshly steamed dish pork ribs powder, topped with the secret sauce is the “country flavor” in the memory of Taishan people Photo by Li Xiaochun

“I remember that every “Market Day” at the Fifty Markets, there was a husband and wife stall selling homemade “pork belly glutinous rice cakes” at the head of the bridge. The other is cooked with chopped shrimp and chopped green onion, which is about ten centimeters long when rolled up, and tastes salty and fragrant, so you can eat it directly.” Recently, Ms. Huang, a native of Taishan who now lives in San Francisco, recalled, The name “pig belly glutinous rice cakes” is probably only remembered by people who lived in the rural areas of Taishan in the 1980s and 1990s. Back then, there was a saying “pig belly glutinous rice cakes, stopping belly hunger” (Taishan dialect, which rhymes more).


The “rolled meat powder” that is rolled up, cut into sections and placed vertically on a plate only needs to be steamed in a pan. Photo by Li Xiaochun

During the breakfast time in Taishan, most of the “pork belly glutinous rice cakes” appear in the form of steamed powder, or rolled up and cut into sections and steamed, or torn into pieces and steamed with ingredients.

“We need to prepare more than 200 dishes of pork rib powder every day. Many regular customers come to take away, and they are sold out as soon as they are steamed and cooked.” Yu Jianyun, the person in charge of Taicheng Taicheng Dajiahao Gourmet Restaurant, revealed that fresh food is served every day. As soon as the “pork belly glutinous rice cake” arrives, there will be special staff to roll the powder, cut the powder, put it on a plate, put it in a basket, spread the pork ribs mixed with seasoning in advance, and then it can be steamed in a pot.

Huang Xuejun, the person in charge of Yuhua Hotel in Sijiu Town, Taishan, uses

Huang Xuejun, the person in charge of Yuhua Hotel in Sijiu Town, Taishan, uses “pork belly glutinous rice cakes” to make meat roll noodles.Photo by Li Xiaochun

The ingredients are fresh and easy to attract diners. Taicheng Bangang Mingchi Restaurant’s steamed pork offal noodles are quite famous in the local area, and every breakfast time is almost full of diners waiting for and eating noodles. “Just mix the torn ‘pork belly glutinous rice’ with light soy sauce and other sauces, add fresh pork offal mixed with seasonings, and then steam it in the pot.” The proprietress of the restaurant introduced that most of the diners are rushing to steam. Many regular customers want to go into the kitchen to “catch fresh” when they arrive at the store.


The “Fried Spring Rolls” and “Fried Glutinous Rice Chicken” made with “Pork Belly Ci” are the traditional “country flavors” in the breakfast shop in Taishan Photo by Li Xiaochun

There is also a common way of eating breakfast in Taishan, which is to use “pork belly glutinous rice cakes” to roll the chopped chives, shredded carrots, shredded fungus, pork and other fillings into long strips, cut into small pieces and place them vertically on the plate Steamed, it is called “rolled meat powder” or “meat roll powder” by the locals.

In the tea market and rice market in Chonglou Town, Taishan, it is popular to eat “fried rice cakes”. The rolled and cut “pork belly glutinous rice cakes” are fried on both sides until they are burnt yellow, which is what the locals call “fried glutinous rice cakes”. The freshly fried “Bazhen” and other side dishes are placed on top of the “Fried Ci”, and the product is called “Bazhen Fried Ci”.

Steamed pig offal powder with torn

Steamed pig offal powder with torn “pig belly glutinous rice cakes” is the signature steamed rice noodle of Chiming Restaurant in Bangang, Taicheng Photo by Li Xiaochun

“In fact, the method of ‘fried rice cake’ is similar, it depends on what side dishes the customers like to eat.” Wu Shubo, the person in charge of the Huadong Restaurant in Chonglou Town, introduced that the restaurant provides side dishes such as fried Bazhen, fried pork offal, and secret abalone. Customers choose that the skin of “fried rice cakes” is more crispy. If you eat it with the sauce of the side dish, the texture of the mouth will be richer.

“I remember when I was a child, many small restaurants in Taicheng sold fried spring rolls made of ‘pork belly’. Roll up fried bean sprouts or sprouts, shredded carrots, chopped onions, minced meat and other fillings with noodles, and wrap them well. Finally, it is rectangular, wrapped in batter, deep-fried in an oil pan and taken out. When it is just out of the pan, the outside is golden and crispy, and the inside is smooth and delicious.” Mr. Wu, a senior food lover in Taishan, said that fried spring rolls have become Some of the taste memories of the “post-70s” and “post-80s” in Taishan, if they have the opportunity to taste them now, will definitely make them instantly open the topic of “back then”. (Finish)

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