Target These Easy, Last-Minute Summer Scholarships

It’s hard to believe that fall semester is only two months away. If you were like many high school students, you probably didn’t have a lot of extra time to apply for scholarships while you were busy with homework, a job, activities and friends.

Thankfully, if you’re about to start college in the fall or are returning for a new semester, it’s actually not too late to apply for free money for college.

Though most scholarship deadlines have past, there are several scholarships with deadlines that are still a few weeks out, and many have really straightforward applications that shouldn’t take you long to fill out. So take our advice and use the next few weeks to try and earn some easy money toward your tuition. You won’t regret it when it comes time to pay your tuition bill.

If you’re looking for the ultimate easy scholarship application, look no further than the myriad college scholarship contests available. The scholarships from Niche, which provides reviews of schools ranging from elementary schools to college, offer an opportunity for easy money through the $1,000 College Survey Scholarship.

All you have to do is fill out a profile and answer 15 survey questions about your school, and you’ll be entered to win a drawing for a $1,000 scholarship. Awards are given out monthly, so if you didn’t win one month, go back and try again the next. Another cool thing about this contest is that if you’ve graduated from college within the past two years, you can still participate and win money toward paying off your student loans or continuing your education.

Student athletes still have time to earn an athletic scholarship from CaptainUan organization that connects student athletes with college coaches and recruiters. The $2,000 scholarship is open to all student athletes in high school or community college who plan on attending a four-year accredited institution, and you don’t have to play sports in college in order to win.

To apply, you’ll need to fill out an athlete profile, including adding at least five colleges to a list of preferred institutions, plus two athletic events in which you’ll be participating, like a game or tournament. A couple of social media posts are required, too.

Brush up your poetry skills for a chance to win the Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam. The $1,000 scholarship contest invites you to write an original poem on anything you find awesome.

Plus, once you write the poem, ask everyone you know to share it on social media. Poems with 50 or more shares will get read first. Poems are due by Aug. 7, and make sure to visit their website for all the details.

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