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“Tens of billions of finance to help thousands of enterprises” in the private economy, a number of hard-core actions to stabilize the economy-Chinanews.com

Photo by Liu Wei at the press conference

China News Service, Wenzhou, January 9th (Xiang Jingzhou Jian) ​​”We plan to organize 100 financial institutions to provide financial support of 10 billion yuan each for personal consumption, manufacturing, wholesale and retail, and inclusive small and micro businesses. The total amount of loans issued by major financial institutions in Wenzhou in the first quarter reached 300 billion yuan, injecting financial vitality into the real economy and enhancing development vitality.” Fang Peilei, deputy secretary-general of the People’s Government of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, said on the 9th.

The Central Economic Work Conference recently set the tone for economic work in 2023, emphasizing the work of stabilizing growth, employment, and prices.

As an important birthplace of China’s private economy, Wenzhou held a press conference on the “Top Ten and Hundred Items” to promote the prosperous consumer market on the same day. In creating a good consumption atmosphere, do everything possible to retain employees, stabilize production, promote consumption, and flourish the market, and strive to achieve a “good start” in the first quarter.

It is reported that the above-mentioned actions include 100 stores to promote the prosperous market, 100 enterprises to go overseas to grab orders, 100 brand enterprises to promote marketing, 100 itineraries to visit Wenzhou, 100 homestays to celebrate the new year, 100 cultural and sports activities to welcome the new year, 100 properties to promote housing, Ten billions of finance to help thousands of enterprises, 100 recruitments to promote employment, and 100 chambers of commerce to help consumption are ten special content.

Enterprises are the “engine” of economic growth, and finance is the source of enterprise development. In terms of tens of billions of financial aid to thousands of enterprises, the local government will introduce a series of financial policies to benefit enterprises, carry out a series of bank-enterprise matchmaking activities, vigorously promote and optimize consumer credit products, and stimulate market consumption potential.

In addition, Wenzhou will introduce a new round of bailout policies to benefit enterprises, arrange special financial support funds, and reduce costs and burdens for enterprises by 10 billion yuan.

As a major foreign trade city, foreign trade is also an important driving force for Wenzhou’s “steady growth”. In early January, the Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government organized a delegation to lead the heads of 20 companies to Thailand to carry out activities to expand markets and grab orders.

The reporter learned that in the first quarter, the city will mobilize 500 foreign trade enterprises to participate in various exhibitions abroad and carry out more than 50 business activities. Among them, at the beginning of February, a total of 360 people from 170 local glasses foreign trade companies will be organized to form a “sea order grabbing group” and go to Milan, Italy to participate in the Milan MIDO International Optical Glasses Exhibition.

In order to stimulate consumption, the city will also distribute 300 million yuan of Spring Festival coupons to all people in Wenzhou (including people from Wenzhou outside the city), especially for migrant workers who stay in Wenzhou for the New Year, and fully support enterprises to stay in their jobs .

The press conference pointed out that Wenzhou strives to exceed 100 billion yuan in total retail sales of social consumer goods in the first quarter, 65 billion yuan in foreign trade import and export volume, 170 billion yuan in sales value of industrial enterprises above designated size, and more than 300 billion yuan in loans.

“This action will innovate the cooperation model of ‘government + enterprises + chambers of commerce (associations) + overseas Chinese groups + financial institutions’, gather emerging forces, and promote accelerated economic recovery, steady progress and quality improvement.” Fang Peilei said at the press conference. (Finish)

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