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The 2023 Guizhou New Year’s Shopping Festival will launch more than 10 million yuan in consumer coupons to “help businesses and benefit the people”-Chinanews.com

Pictured is the scene of the event.Photo by Xie Gaopan

  (New Year at the Grassroots Level) 2023 Guizhou New Year’s New Year’s Shopping Festival launched more than 10 million yuan in consumer coupons “helping businesses and benefiting the people”

Chinanews.com, Guiyang, January 7th (Xie Gaopan, Zhu Xi) On January 7th, the 2023 Guizhou New Year’s New Year’s Festival with the theme of “Guizhou goods bid farewell to the old year and enjoy discounts in the New Year” was launched in Guiyang. There are more than 5,000 high-quality products and 450 outstanding companies participating in this new year’s festival. The products cover wine, tea, cured meat, condiments, snack foods and drinks, handicrafts and other special agricultural products, etc., fully satisfying consumers’ New Year’s goods. need. Guizhou also coordinated and matched more than 10 million yuan in the issuance of consumer vouchers, aiming to allow more people to enjoy preferential policies and stimulate consumption recovery.

The event site is centered on the exhibition area of ​​Guiyang City. The organizer also set up 8 independent exhibition areas in Zunyi City, Liupanshui City, Bijie City, Anshun City, Tongren City, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Qiannan Prefecture, and Qianxinan Prefecture, bringing together their own special products. , such as “Food and Beverage Exhibition, He Chunwen Li Exhibition, Spring Flower Exhibition” and so on. At the same time, a series of activities such as “Beautiful Car Culture Festival, Fine Wine Carnival, Delicious Food Festival, Imported Commodity Festival” and “Business and Trade Fair, Tourism Promotion Conference, Investment Promotion Conference, E-commerce Live Broadcast Conference, and Cultural Exhibition” will continue to be held.

Pictured is the scene of the event.Photo by Xie Gaopan

Pictured is the scene of the event.Photo by Xie Gaopan

It is understood that this New Year’s Shopping Festival aims to further stimulate consumption, help businesses and benefit the people. A series of online and offline activities will be carried out, and more than 10 million yuan of consumer coupons will be released through platforms such as “One Code Guizhou”. The event site also requires that the selling price of merchants’ products shall not be higher than 10% off the retail price. While enjoying the low price, consumers can also enjoy consumption coupons such as “10 yuan off for over 50 yuan”, “20 yuan off for over 100 yuan”, etc. Discount” offer.

At the opening ceremony, the organizer also announced the list of winners of the Guizhou live broadcast competition and presented awards, and released the “2022 Guizhou Provincial Night Consumption Gathering Areas and Food Street List”. 1 area was selected as “Guizhou Provincial Night Consumption Gathering Area”, and 5 blocks including Qingyun Market were selected as “2022 Provincial Night Food Block”.

The 2023 Guizhou Spring Festival is co-sponsored by the Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce, the Guizhou Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the Guiyang Municipal Government. The event will last until January 15. During the event, all parts of Guizhou will hold a series of “City and State Theme Day” activities based on their own characteristics. Through a variety of supporting activities, they will comprehensively display traditional customs, cultural characteristics, and high-quality goods in various parts of Guizhou, further promote traditional folk culture, and boost For festival economic consumption, explore new consumption models, promote new consumption upgrades, and fully allow the public to enjoy the benefits of “real money”. (Finish)

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