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The first Serbian “Chinese Stage” comes to an end, Chinese and foreign musicians use classic music to convey timeless friendship-Chinanews.com

The first Serbian “Chinese Stage” came to an end.Photo by Tamara

Chinanews.com, Shanghai, January 14th (Chen Jingguaner) The reporter learned on the 14th that the first Serbian “Chinese Stage” came to an end amidst the music of “I Love You China” performed by Chinese and Serbian musicians.

In 2019, the “Chinese Stage”, sponsored and supported by Shanghai Foreign Cultural Exchange Association and Shanghai Musicians Association, was established at the Kotor International Music Festival in the Republic of Montenegro; at the end of 2022, the first Serbian “Chinese Stage” will be held Concert at the Kolalac Theater in Belgrade. The concert held on the evening of the 13th was the closing concert of the first Serbian “Chinese Stage”.

Wang Shihan, a young Chinese violinist studying in Germany who came from Berlin, and Ma Ke, a young Chinese pianist studying in the UK who came from London, performed many famous Chinese and foreign pieces for the audience, including Beethoven’s “G Major No. 8″. Violin Sonata”, Ravel’s “Gypsy”, Debussy’s “Reflection Volume II”, Chinese composer Wang Jianzhong’s “Liuyang River”, Zhang Chao’s “Pi Huang” and Li Zili’s “Harvest Fisherman’s Song”, etc. Chinese beauty soprano Zhang Wanzhe and Serbian pianist Deyan Sinardinovic jointly performed “Six Chinese Art Songs” by music educator and composer Huang Zi. The beautiful tunes and elegant melodies were well received by the audience applause.

It is reported that the holding of this concert has gathered the dedication of many Chinese musicians. Violinist Wang Shihan said that it is very hard to concentrate on practicing and playing Chinese music such as “Miaoling Morning” under the circumstances of academic stress, but he will perform the essence of Chinese art on the international stage with extra care and affection. Marco also said that she has not returned to China for three years. This time I had the opportunity to participate in the “Chinese Stage” in Serbia, and played so many Chinese classic music for the Serbian audience, as if I really felt the earnest eyes of the relatives in the motherland and the murmurs of the predecessors of Chinese music.

Chinese and foreign musicians performed classic songs together.Photo by Tamara

Chinese and foreign musicians performed classic songs together.Photo by Tamara

Mr. Zheng, the specific organizer of this concert, told the reporter that when he asked several people who were destined for the performance of the violin solo “Morning in Miaoling” at the same time, he received many responses: Chen Gang, the original editor and composer, sent Pan Yinlin, a violinist living in Australia, sent the relevant score when he performed the world premiere in Shanghai that year; Ning Feng, a famous violinist who is teaching in Berlin, sent the live score of the piece he performed a few years ago.

The reporter learned that at the end of the concert that night, Zhang Wanzhe, Wang Shihan, Ma Ke and Deyan Sinadinovich performed “I Love You China” together; Yuan composed the famous song “New Year’s Music” and sent sincere blessings in English. There was endless applause and cheers in the concert hall… The Montenegrin pianist La Timir Martinovic, the famous Serbian director Aleksandr Nikolic and others came to enjoy the concert that night and presented flowers and blessings.

According to reports, the Shanghai Foreign Cultural Exchange Association and others are stepping up plans to create more “Chinese stage” performances, with the help of Chinese and foreign classic music, to convey timeless friendship. (Finish)

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