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The main area of ​​the first domestically built large cruise ship will be covered by 5G network signals and is expected to be delivered in 2023-Chinanews.com

The main area of ​​the first domestically built large cruise ship will be covered with 5G network signals Photo courtesy of Aida Cruises

Chinanews.com, Shanghai, January 12th (Reporter Yin Liqin) On January 12th, China Shipbuilding Carnival Cruises Co., Ltd., a full-capacity cruise operating company under CSSC Cruises, and Adora Cruises, a self-owned brand of China Cruises, and China Shipbuilding Carnival Cruises Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch of China Telecom Co., Ltd. held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. The two parties officially announced that they will jointly build the world’s first 5G large-scale cruise ship and achieve 5G network signal coverage in the main area of ​​the first domestically-made large-scale cruise ship.

The main area of ​​the first domestically built large cruise ship will be covered with 5G network signals Photo courtesy of Aida Cruises

The main area of ​​the first domestically built large cruise ship will be covered with 5G network signals Photo courtesy of Aida Cruises

Comprehensive network and information services are an important part of enhancing the cruise experience. The strong alliance between Adora Cruises and Shanghai Telecom will realize the first coverage and application of 5G mobile network on large cruise ships, creating the world’s first “5G cruise ship”. Shanghai Telecom, as the main force of Shanghai’s informatization construction, fully integrates innovative technical means to help Adora Cruises realize informatization hardware transformation and software service upgrade. A cruise travel experience that meets the needs of Chinese guests. The ship is equipped with the most advanced wireless communication technology, WI-FI6 and mobile phone 5G network can be selected at will, the wireless access rate of the user on board will also be doubled, and the networking method is more reliable, convenient and flexible. In the future, with the development of small and medium-sized satellite communication technology, combined with the 5G network already deployed on cruise ships, Aida Cruises will provide tourists with exactly the same network experience as on land.

Chen Ranfeng, CEO of CSSC Carnival Cruises Co., Ltd., said: “It is very important for Chinese tourists to enjoy stable, reliable and high-speed network services during cruise travel. We are very pleased to join hands with Shanghai Telecom, a leading 5G operator in the industry, to We are the first to occupy the cruise 5G market, and gradually improve the cruise digital communication experience of our guests and crew, from network layout, satellite communication to various digital applications, and finally realize that guests can enjoy a full range of services anytime, anywhere during the journey. Multimedia real-time interaction, mobile phone signals are always online, and external communication is no longer a worry.”

Mr. Gong Bo from Shanghai Branch of China Telecom Co., Ltd. said: “As a new generation of information infrastructure builders in Shanghai and a national team for urban digital transformation, the company has established optical fiber, 4G, 5G, NB -IoT and satellite network resources, with a team with professional technology and service capabilities. The two parties cooperated for the first time to build a 5G network on a large cruise ship, which also fully reflects China’s global leading position in 5G application innovation. Combining 5G and satellite technology, We will focus on network communication, digital high-definition, AR\VR and other content services to further enhance the guest experience and jointly promote the high-quality development of the tourism economy.”

Adora Cruises integrates the diverse world and the essence of Chinese culture, starting from multiple dimensions such as space, food, entertainment, shopping, etc., to create a “Chinese benchmark” in the cruise industry with “a good show on one ship”. In order to continue to build a unique experience of the brand, Adora Cruises will rely on the ability of the cruise ship to build the supply side. On the basis of cooperating with Shanghai Telecom to build the 5G network of the cruise ship, it will make full use of digital, networked and intelligent innovative technologies to create Immersive interactive performances at sea, digital multimedia space and other new experiences and scenes will promote the innovation and upgrading of cruise services and experience.

At present, the first domestically-made large-scale cruise ship under Adora Cruises has completed the whole ship, with a gross tonnage of 135,500 tons, 2,125 guest rooms, and a capacity of 5,246 passengers. It is expected to be delivered in 2023; the second domestically-made The newly built large cruise ship has also officially entered the design and construction stage. With the expansion of the cruise fleet, Adora Cruises will cooperate with Shanghai Telecom to deploy more “5G+” cruise ships to build a new ecosystem for China’s cruise industry and promote the sustainable development of China’s cruise economy. (Finish)

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