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The National New Year’s Taste Map is released to take you to unlock the top ten characteristic New Year’s flavors in the north and south of the

08:58, January 16, 2023 Source: China Weather Network

  Looking forward to the reunion for the new year!The National New Year’s Taste Map is released to show you the top ten characteristic New Year’s flavors in the north and south of the river

China Weather Network News Eating reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve is a tradition for Chinese people to celebrate the Spring Festival. After the epidemic prevention and control enters a new stage, many people plan to go home for reunion this year. Our country has a vast territory, and the New Year’s meals are both rich and exquisite. The special flavors of the New Year are also very different in different places. Beijing style, Northeast style, Northwest style, Noodle style, Huaiyang style, Spicy style… Which style is your taste ? specially launched a map of the national taste of the New Year, which will take you to unlock the ten special flavors of the year from the north to the south.

During the Chinese New Year in the north, meat and pasta are the hard currency. Among the Beijing-style Chinese New Year flavors, dishes such as roast duck and sauced beef are essential for Chinese New Year. Special snacks such as Beijing Eight Pieces, Creaky Box, and Stir-Fried Red Fruits are also popular among men, women and children. The taste of the new year hidden in the noodles still depends on Shandong, Henan, Shanxi and other places. In addition to the protagonist dumplings, a wide variety of flower buns contain unique auspicious meanings, such as five jujube buns, which means a good harvest of five grains.

In the cold Northeast region, steaming stews are a major feature of the taste of the year. The dominance of sauerkraut on the New Year’s dinner table remains unchanged. Fresh pork and sauerkraut are a perfect match. Add some blood sausage, and the steaming pig-killing dish will come out of the pan. Stewed chicken with mushrooms and stewed goose in an iron pot are also repertoires on the New Year’s dinner table, full of meaty fragrance and full of Northeast flavor.

The status of beef and mutton in Northwest China, Inner Mongolia and Tibet is irreplaceable. Among the New Year’s tastes of the Northwest School, bad meat, hot pot, braised lamb, braised lamb haggis, etc. are all table dishes for New Year’s meals. In the Mongolian New Year flavor, the locals prefer to use simple cooking methods to maintain the original flavor of the ingredients. The beef and mutton are stewed in clear water and sprinkled with a little salt before serving. The meat is tender and nutritious. In Tibet, locals usually celebrate the Tibetan New Year, which is the most solemn traditional festival for Tibetans. Dried beef and mutton, buttered tea, barley wine, etc. are must-have delicacies.

Among the Southern New Year flavors, there are not only Huaiyang pies with a light taste, but also heavy spicy pies that are neither spicy nor unpleasant, and Fujian and Guangdong pies that focus on umami.

“Sichuan people are not afraid of spicy food, Guizhou people are not afraid of spicy food, and Hunan people are not afraid of spicy food.” This sentence vividly illustrates the people’s love for spicy food in Southwest China and central China. Dishes with heavy spicy flavors such as chopped pepper fish head and Bobo chicken are popular on the New Year’s dinner table. There must be a place for them. In addition, cured meat is also the highlight of the southern New Year’s goods. Every household will prepare some sausage and bacon, and the strong New Year’s flavor kicks off.

In the light Huaiyang style New Year flavor, salted duck and lion’s head are traditional famous dishes. They have a fresh and peaceful taste, moderate salty sweetness, and good color, fragrance and shape. Eight-treasure rice, rice cakes, and glutinous rice balls in the south have the same status as dumplings in the north. Although the calories are high, the taste is sweet and soft, and it is one of the most anticipated Chinese New Year flavors for many people.

South China, which also has a lighter taste, is mainly divided into Fujian-Cantonese New Year’s Flavor and Island New Year’s Flavor. Poon choi, roast goose, and poached chicken in Guangdong, Buddha Tiaoqiang, fish balls, and lychee meat in Fujian, are best summed up by the six words “fresh, tender, smooth and fragrant”.

In Hainan Island, fish, as the mascot of “surplus every year”, is not only the first dish on the New Year’s dinner table, but also a gift from relatives and friends. Pan-fried mackerel is one of Hainan Island’s special New Year dishes. Coconut chicken with a tropical style, fresh and pleasant taste, is also a feature of the local New Year’s meal.

People depend on food, and food is the highlight of the Chinese New Year. During the Spring Festival reunion, while tasting delicious delicacies, we must also pay attention to reasonable diet and meal hygiene. People with high blood sugar and weak digestive systems should not be greedy, so as not to cause discomfort. wishes you to eat more and stay positive in the new year! (Planning/Design by Du Bingbing/Zhang Li)

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