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The New Year’s Eve Dinner in Inner Mongolia, Northern Xinjiang, China’s New Year’s Eve

  (New Year’s Day at the Grassroots Level) The New Year’s Eve Dinner in Inner Mongolia, Northern Xinjiang

Chinanews.com, Hohhot, January 16th: The New Year’s Eve dinner in northern Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and prefabricated dishes have become “new favorites”

Chinanews reporter Zhang Linhu

The New Year’s Eve dinner is the most important meal of the year for Chinese people. A year’s hard work, a whole year’s harvest, and the happiness of family reunion are all concentrated in every dish on the table.

The Year of the Rabbit is approaching. The reporter visited the catering market in Inner Mongolia, northern Xinjiang, and found that in the post-epidemic era, consumers’ demand for New Year’s Eve dinners has undergone new changes this year.

“After all, eating at home is relatively safe now, but my cooking skills are limited, so I choose to buy some semi-finished dishes, and then a little processing will become a table of delicious food.” Zhao Qian, a resident of Hohhot, said.

The picture shows braised pork knuckle just out of the pan.Photo by Zhang Linhu

In the past few days, the reporter visited the New Year’s Eve dinner market in Hohhot and found that, unlike dine-in meals in previous years, this year’s New Year’s Eve dinner, prefabricated dishes that can greatly simplify the cooking process are used.

Deshunyuan, as the largest shumai shop on the first street of Hohhot, has a history of nearly a hundred years. As the new year is approaching, the New Year’s package is launched early here.

The reporter learned that Deshunyuan’s traditional banquet “Eight Bowls” series, which focuses on the taste of hometown, these classic dishes that evoke the New Year’s memories of diners from all over the world have now been transformed into convenient and easy-to-operate pre-made dishes.

“Our New Year’s set menu includes eight traditional bowls, including grilled pork strips, braised carp, eight-treasure rice, delicious haggis, etc., and of course siu mai.” said Zhang Zhiqiang, chairman of Inner Mongolia Deshunyuan Catering Management Co., Ltd.

This form is also favored by the “post-90s” and “post-00s” young people. “The pre-made dishes can be heated at home, and a table of New Year’s Eve dinner can be prepared in half an hour, and there is no need to wash the dishes after eating.” Viewed by Xinhua, a citizen of Hohhot In the past, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the original intention of choosing prefabricated dishes is more out of convenience.

The picture shows the staff cutting the siu mai stuffing by hand.Photo by Zhang Linhu

The picture shows the staff cutting the siu mai stuffing by hand.Photo by Zhang Linhu

In Jinpeng·Shenghuo fashion Mongolian restaurant, in order to cater to the tastes of consumers, the store launched special New Year dishes: hand-held beef and mutton chops, special blood sausage sausage, yellow rice crisp cakes, braised pork knuckles, etc., to satisfy customers. New Year’s “new”.

“We have different set meals, including exquisite cold dishes, signature hot dishes and special staple foods. It is really inconvenient for the elderly at home to come out, so we can deliver the meals home.” According to Wang Chunli, the general manager of the store, He restaurant cooks and eats now The difference is that pre-made dishes are very strict in the selection of ingredients and seasonings, and a little carelessness will affect the taste.

“During the test, we found that some side dishes in pre-made dishes, even pepper, chili and other seasonings, will turn yellow after a long time, which will affect the taste, so the ingredients must be carefully controlled, and sometimes they need to be replaced with specific varieties. .” Wang Chunli said.

“There is very little cooking at home. To make a table of New Year’s Eve dinner, you need to go to the market to buy it, and then go home to clean and make it. The labor cost is too high. Simply buy semi-finished products directly, saving time, worry and effort.” Citizen Chinigong said.

The picture shows Wang Chunli packing prefabricated vegetables into boxes.Photo by Zhang Linhu

The picture shows Wang Chunli packing prefabricated vegetables into boxes.Photo by Zhang Linhu

It is worth mentioning that this year, in addition to classic dishes such as braised fish and grilled meat strips that are indispensable on the Inner Mongolian New Year’s Eve dinner table, citizens can also buy more local specialties, including Cantonese-style health-preserving pot vegetables and preserved vegetables. Braised meat, there are also salted chicken and salted duck from Nanjing.

“Residents’ living standards have improved, and the demand for cooking convenience has increased. No-cleaning, no-cutting, and no-seasoning are selling points. Customers can eat it after heating, which saves trouble and is delicious.” Said Wang Hongxia, deputy general manager of Goddess Catering Group. , Yogurt cakes are all best-selling pre-made dishes.

During the Chinese New Year in Inner Mongolia, hot pot, which symbolizes a prosperous year, is indispensable. In this regard, many well-known hot pot restaurants have specially launched hot pot takeaway services. There are both set meals and a la carte. The pot bottom, beef and mutton, vegetables, and even pots are all available, and the price is the same as dine-in.

Resident Liu Dong said that there is no need to buy a full table for the New Year’s Eve dinner, just choose a few representative dishes that suit your taste. “Now that the standard of living is high, I usually eat very well, so I don’t have to be too careful. The atmosphere is more important when eating a New Year’s Eve dinner.”

In addition to traditional catering establishments, major supermarkets have also launched group New Year dinners based on pre-made dishes.

The picture shows customers buying prepared dishes.Photo by Zhang Linhu

The picture shows customers buying prepared dishes.Photo by Zhang Linhu

According to Niu Yinxiang, president of the Inner Mongolia Cuisine, Catering and Restaurant Industry Association, although pre-made dishes have gradually become a new consumption trend for the New Year’s Eve dinner table, how to successfully replicate the taste of dishes from restaurant dining to family dining tables is a matter that catering professionals need to focus on .

“Food safety and supply chain are the top priorities from food selection, to production and packaging, to distribution.” Niu Yinxiang said that only with a good reputation and good products can we capture the hearts of users and the business can last longer. The entire industry can develop healthily. (Finish)

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