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The Qiongzhou Strait opens the “Spring Festival Transport Mode” and is expected to transport 80,000 passengers on the first

Passengers pass through the gate in an orderly manner Photo by Li Henghua

China News Service, Zhanjiang, January 7th (Liang Sheng, Liu Yulin, Luo Wenwei) On the 7th, the Qiongzhou Strait opened the “Spring Festival Transport Mode”. On that day, 240 passenger and ro-ro passenger ship flights are planned to be launched, and about 80,000 passengers are expected to be sent. Daily increase of about 20%.

In order to ensure convenient and safe travel for the masses during the Spring Festival travel season, the Zhanjiang Maritime Affairs Department has strengthened on-site supervision services, water patrol law enforcement and remote dynamic control to investigate potential safety hazards in water traffic. In Xuwen Port, Hai’an New Port, and Beigang Railway Port, maritime law enforcement officers conduct safety inspections before the ro-ro passenger ships sail, urge the crew to do a good job in the maintenance of key equipment such as ship navigation, fire fighting and lifesaving, and secure and tie vehicles in the car cabin and reserve safe passages. The crew strengthened personal health management, and disinfected and ventilated the cabin and other parts.

Vehicles crossing the sea lined up neatly Photo by Li Henghua

Vehicles crossing the sea lined up neatly Photo by Li Henghua

At the same time, the maritime department also makes full use of VTS, AIS, CCTV and other information-based supervision methods to implement dynamic and static comprehensive management. Key positions such as water emergency search and rescue are kept on standby 24 hours a day to ensure that rescue forces can be dispatched quickly and reasonably in case of danger.

According to reports, before the Spring Festival travel, the maritime department has conducted a special safety inspection on the ro-ro passenger ships participating in the Spring Festival, achieving 100% inspection coverage, and urging the ship to complete the rectification of safety defects on schedule, so as to prevent the ship from sailing with “sickness”. During the Spring Festival travel season, the Zhanjiang maritime department will continue to strengthen the safety supervision and service of ro-ro passenger ships, dynamically monitor the whole process of ro-passenger transport routes, and severely crack down on illegal activities such as fatigued driving by crew members, overloaded and speeding ships, and illegal entrainment of dangerous goods, so as to create a safe and efficient ship. Sequential and convenient water spring transportation.

It is predicted that in 2023, the flow of passenger and cargo transport in the Qiongzhou Strait during the Spring Festival will rebound sharply, and the number of passengers entering and leaving the island will reach 3.25 million, a year-on-year increase of 27.5%. The peak passenger flow before the festival will appear around January 18, with about 110,000 passengers transported daily. (Finish)

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