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The silver-haired economy brings new opportunities Guangxi’s “post-00s” nurses embrace the sunrise industry with professional skills-中新网, Liuzhou, January 4th, title: The silver-haired economy brings new opportunities Guangxi’s “post-00s” nurses embrace the sunrise industry with professional skills

Author Li Jiaoyang

21-year-old Gan Guoshuang is a caregiver at a senior care center in Liuzhou, Guangxi. In the past year, she spent most of her time with a group of elderly people over 80 years old. As China’s aging population continues to deepen, the potential of the silver-haired economic market is being released, and challenges and opportunities coexist. Young caregivers with professional skills have become hot talents in the elderly care service industry.

The picture shows Gan Guoshuang doing handwork with the old people.Photo provided by the interviewee

Optimistic about the employment prospects of the elderly care service industry, Gan Guoshuang chose a major related to elderly care services when he was studying in a vocational school. Since graduation, she has been promoted from a trainee nurse to an assistant to the dean, with a considerable income. However, Gan Guoshuang’s choice did not get the understanding and support of his family at first.

“They feel that a caregiver is a job responsible for taking excrement and urine for the elderly, which is not decent. But I think that everyone will grow old one day, and the diverse needs of the elderly should also be met.” Gan Guoshuang said, The older nurses in the service center have richer nursing experience, and the systematic study during the school period allowed her to master more professional nursing skills, which is more reflected in the nursing links involving medical care. as obvious.

Gan Guoshuang recalled that an 85-year-old man accidentally broke his head while going to the toilet. “I first judge whether he is still conscious by calling and listening to his heartbeat, etc., and then call the emergency call.” She said that there is a set of standardized procedures for handling similar emergencies. It is to help the old man up immediately, but moving the old man rashly may cause secondary injury to him.

In addition to providing basic life care services for the elderly, such as assisting in eating and washing, Gan Guoshuang can also guide the elderly to take medicines correctly and perform physical exercises that are conducive to recovery. In her opinion, the elderly are not “discarded machines” that have lost all functions and can only be served by others. The deeper content of nursing care is spiritual care. “Encouraging and helping them make full use of the ‘residual functions’ and let their lives end with dignity is also the value of this profession.” Gan Guoshuang said.

In the elderly care service center, the elderly have to face the loneliness when their relatives are not around, but what Gan Guoshuang has to face is the mood of the elderly that is as changeable as the weather. Some elderly people will be in a daze when they miss their loved ones, or they will repeat their children’s names excitedly to other people’s children; Mood swings during the past, crying loudly.

“It is a difficult job to appease the emotions of the elderly, and the most difficult part is communication.” Gan Guoshuang explained that because some elderly people are already in a state of being unable to communicate, she must use nursing skills to appease their emotions. Both verbal and physical.

In the spiritual world of the elderly, caregivers are companions and listeners. However, there is a “generation gap” between the elderly and young caregivers due to the age difference, which makes many of Gan Guoshuang’s classmates choose to change careers after graduation. As a rare young caregiver in a senior care center, even though Gan Guoshuang has won the approval of the elderly and their families, he still has to face their confusion about his profession.

“The old people persuaded me to find other jobs and not to be here with them. Some family members of the old people thought that I was still young and should venture into the outside world. I told them that the outside world is very good, but I also just want to be in the world. My stage shines.” Gan Guoshuang said with a smile, after entering the industry, she gave feedback to her family in the form of photos of the nursing skills she learned at school, showing that she is steadily advancing on the road of this career with her skills.

According to the Bulletin of the Seventh National Population Census of the National Bureau of Statistics, China’s population over the age of 60 has reached 260 million, accounting for 18.7% of the total population. Against this background, the demand for aging-friendly products and services has become increasingly strong, and the elderly industry has been called a “sunrise industry” by many businesses. Vocational education is closely connected with the market and has also become an important force in boosting the silver economy.

“With the continuous improvement of the elderly care service system, China’s elderly care is shifting from the traditional ‘raising children for old age’ to relying on social services to meet needs. Front-line professional nurses can provide better and more efficient services, but there is still a big gap.” Liang Shushuang, a teacher specializing in smart health care services and management at Liuzhou City Vocational College, said that due to the public’s “stereotype” of the elderly care service industry, there is a situation in which this sunrise industry is “popular but not popular”.

In order to change this situation, the school will organize students to visit elderly care institutions for field visits. “Today’s elderly care service institutions have greatly improved in terms of facilities and systems compared with the past. Students can re-understand the profession of nursing staff through intuitive experience.” Liang Shushuang said that there are now graduates who have experienced career changes Return to the elderly care service industry, and still have strong market competitiveness.

“According to the needs of the elderly care service industry, the school has optimized the professional courses and added courses such as smart elderly care technology, first aid technology, and operation management of elderly care institutions to cultivate compound talents in the elderly care service industry and provide young people for the elderly care service industry. ” Liang Shushuang said. (use up)

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