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The “spring” of the ancient city of Tong’an is

The picture shows the exterior view of Tonganyi Hot Spring Resort.Photo courtesy of Tongan District Culture and Tourism Bureau

  (New Year walks to the grassroots) The “spring” of the ancient city of Tong’an is warm, Xiamen, January 17th (Reporter Yang Fushan) The ancient city of Xiamen Tong’an, which has a history of more than 2,000 years, is full of splendor in the new year: On the 17th, the first Tong’an Hot Spring Health Season activities start.

On the same day, the reporter came to Tong’an Shengzhi Township Hot Spring Resort to experience the warmth that Tong’an Hot Spring brings to people in the cold winter.

In the cold winter, soaking in hot springs has become a good choice for Xiamen citizens and tourists to relax on weekends. Tong’an, an ancient city with a long history of hot springs, has opened a new model of “hot springs + tourism”, allowing people to enjoy the comfortable experience of returning to nature in the hot spring pool with various ways of playing.

The event was co-hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Tong’an District Committee, Tong’an District Culture and Tourism Bureau, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, the Rural Revitalization Office of the Tong’an District Committee, and the Tingxi Town Government of Tong’an District.

The picture shows

The picture shows “Spring” is the site of a gourmet carnival, one of the warm series of activities.Photo courtesy of Tongan District Culture and Tourism Bureau

According to the organizer, this year’s Tong’an Hot Spring Health Season will stage a variety of exciting activities in turn, covering hot springs, food, hotels, homestays, markets, folk customs, music, trends, fashion, etc.

The hot spring health season activities will integrate and connect a number of high-quality hot spring scenic spots such as Shengzhixiang Hot Spring Resort, Tangli Hot Spring, Jinsuiyuan Hot Spring Hotel, Yinfeng Hot Spring, No. 98 Hot Spring in Tong’an District, and string the essence of Tong’an’s scenic spots into a chain. Carefully designed and launched 4 hot spring-themed product lines, covering all major hot spring health care resources and scenic spots in Tong’an, covering famous mountain scenery, leisure villages, romantic coastal areas, parent-child paradise and other characteristic cultural and tourism resources.

The “hundred-person group” composed of Fujian tourism experts, representatives of travel agencies in Xiamen and surrounding cities, representatives of cultural and tourism enterprises, and media representatives went to Shengzhixiang Hot Spring Resort to experience Tong’an’s characteristic hot spring health tourism.

In addition to the “‘Spring’ is Warmth” line-stepping activity, a series of wonderful themed activities such as “‘Spring’ is Surprise” live broadcast with goods, “‘Spring’ is Delicious” food carnival, “‘Spring’ is Wonderful” closing ceremony, etc. Together, this Tong’an hot spring health season will be connected together, so that the people will start the new year with excitement. (Finish)

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