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Tsingtao Brewery’s “Fortune” is popular in the market, and gift boxes for the New Year are very popular-Chinanews.com

China.com.cn, January 13th, the taste of the New Year is getting stronger, and the market for New Year’s goods has also begun to heat up. Alcohol and beverages are indispensable for every household. What products are worth looking forward to in the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit?

The reporter walked into the major supermarkets, and a variety of new Tsingtao beer products decorated the festive atmosphere of the Year of the Rabbit. New Year discounts, New Year combinations, and New Year gift boxes presented a variety of Tsingtao Beer to consumers, and welcomed the New Year of the Rabbit together with consumers. The arrival of the moon, the jade rabbit welcomes the blessing, and the wine inspires the new.

  The meaning is better and the sales are better, and Tsingtao Beer’s “good fortune” is very popular in the market

Among Tsingtao Brewery’s new year’s products, “Fortune in the Head” is a product that means “beautiful peace and good luck”, especially the annual zodiac products will always be the first choice for festivals. The Year of the Rabbit model “Jade Rabbit welcomes good fortune and good fortune” is favored and loved by customers for its exquisite detail design and beautiful meaning. Mr. Bi, a consumer, said, “It’s hard to find a bottle of the Year of the Rabbit version! The design is particularly festive, with a good meaning, and is very valuable for collection. On the dining table, it feels like the New Year is coming in an instant! This In the new year, I wish my family and friends to be healthy and safe.”

At the Tsingtao Brewery Duitou in the supermarket, the reporter saw that the staff were busy putting new products on the shelves, “This Hongyun is selling very well, and we have to update the products several times a day on average. Next, as the Spring Festival becomes more and more In the near future, this wine should sell faster!” There is an endless stream of customers who come to buy Tsingtao beer for the new year.

The “Fortune of Fortune” zodiac version of the Year of the Rabbit combines the elements of the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rabbit, combining the image of the Chinese rabbit with festive elements. The pattern of copper coins in the picture complements the character of blessing and auspicious clouds. The image of the Jade Rabbit is lively and playful, auspicious for the new year. The gourd means “blessings will last forever”; a touch of fortune red means that the jade rabbit welcomes blessings and good luck.

  There are many kinds of Tsingtao beer gift boxes, which are more suitable for visiting relatives and friends

Consumers also need to consider culture, packaging and other aspects when purchasing new year goods. “When I buy New Year’s goods, I also consider the convenience and packaging. When I visit relatives and friends, I prefer some beer gift boxes.” In the liquor area of ​​the supermarket, Mr. Li, a consumer, told reporters. In the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit, Tsingtao Brewery has also launched a variety of exquisite beer gift boxes to cater to the New Year market. In addition to the classic 1903 and Ogut, the Pearson gift box and white beer gift box are also favored by customers.

“This year I want to bring new year’s goods to visit old friends I haven’t seen for a long time. Different styles of beer gift boxes are more suitable for me.” Mr. Sun said that he first chose the classic 1903 gift box, Tsingtao Beer August gift box, and Tsingtao Beer Pearson gift box, The gold-shaped packaging of the Pearson gift box creates a festive atmosphere, and the beer tastes bitter and sweet, which is deeply loved by a group of customers. “The packaging of this beer gift box looks golden, and it is my first choice for New Year’s goods!” A consumer said while holding a Pearson gift box.

And Tsingtao White Beer is very popular among young people. At the Tsingtao Beer pile in the supermarket, this young and fashionable beer gift box has attracted the attention of consumers. The freshness and fashion make people’s eyes shine.

  A sense of New Year’s ceremony, Tsingtao Brewery’s ultra-high-end series of fine wines renew

“I hope to prepare some special beers for the New Year’s Eve dinner.” Consumer Xiao Wang said that in the official flagship store of Tsingtao Brewery, several ultra-high-end products such as “Legend of the World”, “Hundred Years of Fortune”, and “Hundred Years Journey” came into view. Xiao Wang placed an order for Tsingtao Beer “Legend of the World”, a new ultra-high-end art collection that breaks through the alcohol content, flavor and storage time of traditional beer. It is an artistic brew that integrates the strengths of beer, whiskey, wine and champagne. It is a masterpiece that inherits the century-old Tsingtao beer brewing technology. Xiao Wang said, “It will be opened at the reunion New Year’s Eve dinner, leaving a sense of New Year’s ceremony.”

Consumers who bought “Legend of the First Life” commented on the Internet, “I gave this to my father-in-law’s house before the Chinese New Year. My father-in-law said it was really delicious, and my heart was full of joy…”

The Jade Rabbit welcomes the blessing, and the wine inspires the new. Use a glass of good beer to pray for good luck and start the health and safety of the Year of the Rabbit in 2023.

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