Watch: Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu shows how to get gorgeous soft curls

Your hairstyle can help complete a look, thus making it an important part of getting ready that you mustn’t ignore. But if you are someone who does not like to spend a lot of time trying out a new hairstyle, say hello to the classic soft curls — the one hairdo which goes well with most looks. But the trick lies in getting the perfect curls, and to help you with the same, here’s Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu with an easy tutorial that will save you a trip to the salon.

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Harnaaz, who is often seen sporting soft curlstook to Miss Universe’s official YouTube channel to share how you can recreate her look.

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*The first step involves combing and detangling your hair to make them smooth,” said Harnaazas she detangled her hair using a wide-toothed comb. Next, divide your hair into the desired parting and separate them into different sections.

*Take the last section, comb it and start curling. “I am using a 1-inch curler with a temperature of around 200 degrees Celsius,” she said, adding that “you have to be very careful with your hair”.

*Once done, softly take the curler away from your skin. “I have burnt myself so many times when I was learning how to do my hair. So be very careful and always put a towel or a thick fabric around your neck so that the curler doesn’t burn your skin,” Harnaaz advised.

*Revealing her technique to use the hair curler, she said, “Just softly twist it around your hair. Never pull your hair and just be very gentle because you don’t want to burn your hair or skin.”

*One by one, repeat the process for other sections. “Uncurl and recurl your hair so that the wave is on every section of your hair and not just towards the end,” the beauty pageant winner said.

*Explaining how she protects her hair, she said, “The other very important thing I did before doing my hair tutorial was preparing my hair. I put on some serum and a hair protector. Every weekend, I do hair oiling. That’s how I take care of my hair. That’s something I have learned from my mom and grandma.

*Towards the end, she uses a hair spray on her hair so that they stay curled for a longer time. “After curling your hair, brush them out for soft curls,” Harnaaz concluded.

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