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What types of themes are there in Escape Room?

What types of themes are there in Escape Room?

There has not been a unified official statement on the division of the subject types of escape rooms.Practitioners or players often divide theme types around a certain common feature based on different characteristics according to their own gaming preferences.

1. Classification of theme types of escape room

For some old players, since the time of “entering the pit” of the escape room game was earlier, it is better to use the development process of the escape room product as the axis to sort out a clear development history of the “escape room” iteration history.

As far as I am concerned, it is generally divided according to the iterative process as follows:

1. Escape Room “Version 1.0” is a simple mechanical secret room.

It generally refers to puzzle-solving games that rely on simple puzzles and non-electronic (mechanical) mechanisms connected in series in the secret room scene. This kind of secret room is more common in the secret room market before 2017, and sound and light special effects are rare among them.

Players enjoy the process of reasoning and solving puzzles during the game. If the landscaping, plot, and space are related to puzzle solving, then it can be called a high-quality secret room. The price of this type of secret room is generally maintained at double digits, and in some areas it may be below 50 yuan.

2. The escape room “Version 2.0” is a secret room with a mechanical plot, which is an iterative upgrade of “Version 1.0”.

Generally speaking, in the secret room scene, players can feel the background of the story and the atmosphere of the scene through setting, display, and sound and light special effects, and realize the linkage between puzzles, plots and organs through reasoning and solving puzzles, thereby completing the process of escape from the secret room. This type of secret room is an upgrade of a simple mechanical secret room, and it can be iteratively replaced.

At present, the mechanical story room is still popular among players in the market. I think the mechanical story room is a classic mode of room escape games and is irreplaceable. For example, secret room brands such as Beijing 203 (Twelve Big Cafes, etc.), Traveling through the East (Sister’s Doll, etc.), Weird Town (Ghost Talk, etc.), and Qiwu Town (July, etc.) all focus on mechanical plot secret rooms.

3. Escape Room “Version 3.0” is a live-action secret room, featuring real-life elements.

If it is said that the secret room of the mechanical plot is based on exquisite setting, exquisite mechanisms, exquisite puzzles, and exquisite plots so that players can experience a new world view in the escape room, then the secret room of the live-action plot is based on this, by retaining or weakening Some elements, and the addition of real actors, bring players a different room escape experience.

Take the room of horror, for example. The secret room of the mechanical plot enhances our sense of fear in the secret room by reducing the brightness of the scene light effect and creating the atmosphere sound effect of the mechanism. Then the live-action story room can use real actors to join, bringing players more horror effects such as sticking to the face, jumping scare, and chasing.

Take the emotional closet, for example. When explaining the relationship between the characters and the plot of the story, the secret room of the mechanical plot needs to be realized by watching videos, reading texts, and listening to audio. The live-action secret room can present the characters in the theme more intuitively in front of the players in the form of actors’ performances.

Since 2018, the live-action secret room has gradually emerged in the secret room escape industry and is loved by players because it can provide players with a more realistic interactive experience. Among them, secret room brands such as Mr. X (Yayoi series), UMEPLAY (INSANE series), Earl MAX (Blood Feast, etc.), Yayoushima (Mingxiang Girls’ School remake, etc.) all focus on live-action plot secret rooms.

4. Escape Room “Version 4.0” is an immersive game for real people, focusing on high degree of freedom and player interaction.

Taking the form, content, and gameplay of the escape room game as the core, it enlarges the part of the real person’s interpretation, gives full play to the subjective initiative of the players, and brings players a “secret room” by injecting interpretation, feeling the atmosphere, participating in the interaction, etc. to increase the degree of freedom and increase the sense of participation. Escape +” game experience.

Different from mechanical story rooms and live-action story rooms, real-life immersive games usually retain the scene attributes of room escape games, weaken elements such as puzzle solving, and replace them with a large number of sound and light special effects, actor interpretation, player interaction and multiple endings.Presentation is usuallyImmersive theater, RPG role-playing game, real scene script killingWait. This type of gameplay has gradually emerged since 2019 and has gradually become large-scale.

Immersive theater is regarded as breaking the stage attributes of drama performances, and further pulling the interpretation content into the process of escape from the secret room. Players can watch the wonderful performances of actors at close range during the game session, and even become one of them as a certain character to rewrite the ending. For example, “sweet home” gives the player an identity, and together with the actors, they complete the restoration and interpretation of the ghost family story in a traceable manner. In this, the player is not only an audience, but also an actor, and even a director.

RPG role-playing games aim to achieve “de-playerization” in escape room games. Whether it is a player or an actor (commonly known as “NPC”), they are all given character names, and these names have their own personal history and social relationships behind them. During the game, players and NPCs interact and work together to write a new chapter in the story of the game world. For example, “Jemental” has designed multiple territories, and players and NPCs are evenly distributed on these territories. Under the guidance of NPCs, players fight monsters and upgrade, acquire skills, complete tasks, and achieve revenge, and stage a real version of “power”. game”.

On the basis of desktop script killing, real-scene script killing strips the textual attributes of information such as scenes, props, clues, etc., and then concreteizes and spatializes them in the form of real-scene space. The core of the game is to realize the evidence-searching steps that flow on the desktop, so that players can be more immersed in it. For example, the suspect X reasoning agency “The Rain is Coming and the Wind is Manning the Building” uses the “traditional detective” gameplay to guide players to search for evidence in the scene and deduce the real murderer behind the scenes. At the same time, innovative elements such as FTG fighting gameplay and racing bounty games have been added to realize the organic integration of live-action scripts and other secret room escape “version 4.0”.

5. Escape Room “Version 5.0” is a “Chamber +” multi-game.

As there are more and more gameplays based on escape rooms, there are more “games that can see the shadow of escape rooms, but are more fun and novel than traditional room escape games” on the market.For example, cultural tourism combined with reality games, puzzle books, room escape video games, etc.

Cultural tourism combined with reality games generally combine cultural tourism scenes and activities with escape rooms, so that players can have a newer and more in-depth understanding of the attractions. For example, some shopping malls use the display of stores in the mall as puzzles during their opening activities, and then guide customers to complete tasks in the form of “detection” and “treasure hunting”. In the process of solving puzzles, players are not only familiar with the brand of the mall, but also get rewards. For another example, some tourist attractions, with their unique cultural background, have grafted themed backgrounds such as “Scientific Examination List” and “Martial Arts Contests”, and set up NPCs at different sites to enrich the plot and increase interaction, which can attract players to play in the scene as “ancient people” Substitute into the role in the game, check in the scenic spots, and immerse yourself in the experience.

The puzzle book is a creative publishing product that uses the book as the entity, continuously solves puzzles and reasoning according to the plot in the book and the attached clues and accessories, and then finds the ending.[1]For example, in the puzzle book game “Question of Qin”, the pre-Qin period history is used as the background, and the game setting of “traveling” is set up, with “reasoning” and “traceability” as the main line, by assembling the game props in the puzzle book , and combine the text content to reason, so as to gradually understand the truth of the story and learn historical knowledge.

Escape room video games can be regarded as the integration of real room escape games into electronic carriers such as APP or website. Since the main senses come from vision and hearing, and the sense of space is worse than that of real games, it mainly uses puzzle design, animation, etc. The special effects were well received by players. The more typical escape room video games generally include “Escape Room Series”, “Paper Wedding Dress” and so on.

2. The relationship between different types of room escape themes

After sorting out the theme types of escape rooms, it is necessary to clarify the relationship between different types. The purpose of doing this is not only to find your favorite escape room games more accurately, but also to understand the escape room industry more objectively.

1. Follow the “heart flow” without getting too entangled

No matter what type of escape room theme, the one thing that never changes is to respect the player’s game experience, that is, “Flow」。

EGACHINA has defined “flow” in the latest version of the room escape evaluation dimension. A high score evaluation means a strong sense of theme substitution, a coherent rhythm, a reasonable logic, and a high degree of completion, which is a comprehensive evaluation.[2]

For players, what they expect is to be able to experience pleasure in the process of experiencing the room escape game. It can be the dopamine secretion from the direct stimulation of the senses, the moist eye sockets that are moved by being immersed in it, or the happy atmosphere of unity and cooperation in a hurry.

When “flow first” is the gold standard for judging the quality of the escape room theme, it is meaningless to be entangled in what type of escape room.

2. Respect “diversity” and not despise without reason

The above-mentioned Escape Room “1.0” to “5.0” versions are divided according to the appearance and prosperity time of the theme type, and there may be an “upgrade” and “replacement” relationship between each other, but it is not absolute.

The mechanical story chamber is an upgrade of the simple mechanical secret chamber, and it is a new genre that has been widely loved after its iteration, and there is nothing wrong with it. But this does not mean that the Simple Mechanical Chamber of Secrets is dead. On the one hand, the spatial layout, puzzle design, and secret-discovering logic used in the mechanical plot secret room are still widely used in other secret room escape types, which is of enlightening significance. On the other hand, the nostalgic school still pays tribute to the “old times” with “new forms”. It restores the simplest and most primitive appearance of the first generation of secret rooms, expressing the voice of “anti-involution” against the secret room escape industry.

However, it is absolutely wrong to say that there is a gradual iterative and replacement relationship between the mechanical plot secret room, the live-action plot secret room, the real immersive game, and the “secret room +” multi-game. Between “2.0” and “5.0” escape room theme types, yesHorizontal compatibility, vertical interoperabilityof.

The so-called horizontal compatibility means that there are players in the market who love mechanical plot rooms, there are players who love immersive games with real people, and there are even experimenters who are interested in multi-player games. It seems that some people love Dandong strawberries, while others love light snow strawberries. The former was sold well in the market before the new century, while the latter was only successfully cultivated in recent years. So can it be said that Dandong Strawberry should be eliminated? cannot.

Yes, no matter how the escape room theme develops, as long as someone loves it, has loyal fans, and can bring positive help to the development of the industry and cultural dissemination, it should not be based on the order in which it enters the market, or it burns money. Elements such as scale and technological advancement build a chain of contempt.

Let’s talk about vertical communication. The deep cultivation of different escape room theme fields is like a group of pioneers who are drifting away. Although different types of escape rooms have different emphases, the content such as plot design, atmosphere creation, and player experience are eternal and interoperable. They learn from each other and learn from each other to improve the efficiency of theme development and the presentation of works. The key.

Therefore, we should not despise other topics by over-emphasizing “resolving puzzles” and “reasoning”, overemphasizing “sound and light” and “acting skills”. You should know that the longest board of a wooden barrel determines the upper limit of water storage, and the shortest board determines the lower limit of water storage. Only by serving the balance of various elements of “flow” can it stand careful scrutiny and attract all kinds of players.

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