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World Public Opinion Focus for a Week: Pfizer’s Products Entering China and the Diplomatic Game Between China and Foreign Countries

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Last week, the media of many countries with close economic relations with China focused on a topic: Reuters reported that China is negotiating with Pfizer, intending to obtain the authorization of a Chinese manufacturer to produce and sell Pfizer’s new crown treatment drug Paxlovid in China . The latest news is: the negotiation between China and Pfizer has made progress, and the final price of Paxlovid is 700 yuan per box, while the original online selling price in the Chinese market is 2980 yuan per box.

According to reports, in clinical trials, Paxlovid showed a strong therapeutic effect, able to reduce the hospitalization rate of Covid-19 patients by 90%. China’s State Food and Drug Administration is said to have been leading negotiations with Pfizer since late last month; moreover, China also hopes to finalize the terms of the deal with Pfizer before the Chinese New Year on January 22. In addition, China is also discussing with Pfizer the introduction of Pfizer mRNA vaccine production.

The author believes that: in terms of formally negotiating with foreign countries and importing more curative drugs and vaccines, this negotiation is the progress of China’s three-year anti-epidemic, and it is necessary to completely change the original closed-down anti-epidemic strategy; On the one hand, it is also necessary to properly fade out from the upcoming Chinese and foreign games surrounding the entry and exit of Chinese and foreign personnel. In this way, this round of China’s liberalization of the country will surely lead to a smooth transition.

Pfizer drugs and vaccines make a big difference

Chinese experts told me that currently the most effective anti-epidemic drug is Pfizer’s Paxlvoid, which can effectively prevent the patient from developing from mild disease to severe disease and death within five days of onset. Its curative effect has been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) , and included in the WHO list of medicines for emergency use. Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine also works well. If China finally obtains it at a reasonable price, in the context of China’s sudden abandonment of the epidemic prevention policy and the large number of people infected with the virus, this will actually be positive for alleviating the negative impact of the sudden adjustment of China’s anti-epidemic policy and returning to normal economic and social life. significant.

According to a number of international media sources, China’s State Food and Drug Administration held a meeting with a number of Chinese drugmakers at the end of December last year to discuss the preparations required for the production of Paxlovid generics. Among them, Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and CSPC Group Co., Ltd. both participated in the above-mentioned meeting. China’s State Food and Drug Administration has advised pharmaceutical companies to prepare to register with the regulator to manufacture generic versions of Paxlovid. At present, Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical will provide preparation production services for Pfizer to produce and sell the new coronavirus drug Paxlovid in the Chinese mainland market during the agreement period, and Huahai Pharmaceutical and Pfizer signed an agreement on the production of Paxlovid in August last year. All this is undoubtedly positive news for China. International media reported that with the recent rapid increase in the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in China, the demand for Paxlovid has surged, and there has been a situation of “hard to find a drug”. The price of the original research drug has been hyped by the market to tens of thousands of yuan per box, and many Chinese have turned to seek Paxlovid generic drugs from India, Laos and other countries. If Chinese companies and Pfizer cooperate quickly, the above situation will soon end.

At the same time, it is reported that CSPC Group may undertake the development of an mRNA vaccine to contain the new coronavirus. However, according to sources familiar with international public health and epidemic prevention work in the circle, CSPC may not be able to obtain this authorization in the end, because CSPC is the largest drug sales manufacturer in China, but drug sales and drug production are two different things, what is needed is Different business techniques; moreover, it is Pfizer that ultimately decides the matter, and even Chinese officials cannot do anything about it. It is understood that the final outcome may not be fulfilled by Shiyao.

The introduction of effective anti-epidemic vaccines and drugs to China is not only positive for China itself, but also positive for the world economy and international personnel exchanges. According to the international media: most views believe that China will become the biggest variable in the global economy this year, but the question is how long it will take.

Yeon Won-ho, head of the economic security team at the Korea Institute for Foreign Economic Policy, said: “If you calmly weigh economic gains and losses, the impact of China’s new crown epidemic is only a short-term problem. In the long run, China’s announcement of ‘coexisting with the new crown’ will It will become a favorable factor to stimulate the world economy.” But he also emphasized that “China still only insists on inoculating domestically-made vaccines, and the local medical system is weak. In this case, how fast can China minimize losses and withstand the impact of the virus?” , is the most important.”

Now, because of the negotiations between China and Pfizer, China has introduced effective anti-epidemic vaccines and medicines, and things are moving in a positive direction.

It is necessary to properly fade out of the diplomatic game

At present, China and the Western world are in conflict around China’s sudden lifting of the blockade-style anti-epidemic model and opening up the country. The fuse is that Western countries require Chinese tourists to provide 48-hour nucleic acid testing when entering the country, and some countries even require sampling tests. This is considered a political manipulation by China. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: “We firmly oppose attempts to manipulate the epidemic prevention and control measures to achieve political goals, and will take corresponding measures in accordance with the principle of reciprocity in response to different situations.” The author believes that this round of China’s opening of the country is politically It is very important that everything should revolve around this overall situation. Therefore, it is necessary to properly fade out possible games.

The rationale for the behavior of Western countries is that the current surge of cases in China, and the insufficient and opaque data on epidemiology and virus genetic sequences given, therefore need to take prudent and proactive measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 and prevent any Potential COVID-19 variants remain vigilant to prevent a surge of cases in the country and reduce new variants of the virus. The World Health Organization has also taken this position.

The author believes that in the face of the above situation, China can follow the logic of Western countries and take corresponding actions against countries where new viruses are spreading. For example, the XBB virus broke out in the northeastern part of the United States and has spread to many countries around the world. China will take reciprocal measures against the United States There is a certain rationality, but the basis must be scientific, not equal for the sake of equality, then the nature of the matter will change, and we must try to gradually fade out of this game. Only in this way can this round of China’s opening of the country be smoothly transitioned and successfully completed.

(Note: The author is a policy researcher. This article only represents the author’s personal views. The editor’s email address is bo.liu@ftchinese.com)

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