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Wuxi, Jiangsu promotes the realization of a higher level of “seven essentials of people’s livelihood” so that the people can feel “stable happiness”

The second session of the 17th Wuxi Municipal People’s Congress opened.Photo by Sun Quan, Wuxi, January 9th (Reporter Sun Quan) On January 9th, at the opening ceremony of the second session of the 17th Wuxi Municipal People’s Congress, Wuxi Mayor Zhao Jianjun said that the city focused on the people’s sense of gain , a sense of happiness, and a sense of security will form more practical measures to benefit people’s livelihood, warm people’s hearts, and relieve people’s worries, and promote the realization of a higher level of “seven things for people’s livelihood” so that everyone living in Wuxi can feel “steady and stable” happiness”.

The “seven essentials of people’s livelihood” refer to “education for young children, education for learning, income for work, medical care for illness, support for old age, housing for living, and support for the weak.”

“We will always stand firm on the people’s stand, focus on resolving people’s emergencies, difficulties and worries, continue to realize the people’s yearning for a better life, and accelerate the construction of a common prosperity, happiness and beautiful city that the people are satisfied with.” Zhao Jianjun said that in the past year, Wuxi’s people’s livelihood and well-being have improved. Wealthy, the city efficiently promotes the “Ten Hundred Thousand” action of people’s livelihood services, the deputies of the National People’s Congress voted to implement the high standards of 10 key people’s livelihood practical projects, and the satisfaction rate of the key supervision items of the “Micro Happiness” people’s livelihood project is 100%, “Mayor Online ·The “Voice of the People Message Board” handled 41,000 public appeals and over 10,000 suggestions.

In addition, Wuxi has also established and improved the overall coordination mechanism for major livelihood policies, the normalized visit and care mechanism for special needy groups, implemented large-scale medical expenditure assistance for family members with financial difficulties, and introduced new policies for medical insurance and assistance for major diseases. Unemployment insurance has steadily returned 920 million yuan, helping 31,000 people in need to find jobs.

In terms of educational support, Wuxi has built 31 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, with 32,000 new degrees, and 10 private schools have implemented government-purchased degrees; the Wuxi campus of Southeast University and the Yixing campus of Jiangnan University have been completed and put into use. Continuous improvement, “one school, one policy” supports the accelerated development of vocational colleges.

Focusing on the medical resources that have attracted the attention of the public, the achievements of Wuxi last year are also obvious to all: the first phase of Wuxi Medical Center of Southern Medical University, the second phase of Wuxi Jingwei Center were completed and put into use, the construction of Wuxi Women and Children Center started, and Wuxi Municipal Hospital achieved the “Top Three” “Full coverage; fully signed cooperation with Shanghai’s well-known medical institutions, the National Infectious Disease Medical Center, Emergency Medical Research Center Wuxi base successfully landed; introduced the overall solution for “one old and one young”, the new hospital of Wuxi Children’s Welfare Institute was completed and opened, and the new Added 20 Puhui Nursery institutions, and completed 2,500 old-age renovations, and the “Xin Xinxiang Companion” Meal Assistance Program for the Elderly has achieved full coverage of streets and towns.

In terms of housing security, last year Wuxi started (raised) 26,000 affordable rental housing units and 15,000 resettlement housing units.

“The achievements are hard-won, and the difficulties and challenges are not optimistic.” Zhao Jianjun said frankly that Wuxi still has many shortcomings in key areas of people’s livelihood such as employment, education, medical care, and elderly care. This year, the city will focus on expanding employment, increasing income, and improving the social security system. , Deepen the construction of a healthy Wuxi, and focus on caring for the “old and young”.

In terms of expanding employment and increasing income, Wuxi will study and form effective measures to further improve the quality of employment, expand the middle-income group, and increase the factor income of low- and middle-income groups; Service system, coordinating business, elderly care, medical care, social security and other convenience matters, integrating and building a “15-minute service circle for the people”; in terms of deepening the construction of a healthy Wuxi, Wuxi will implement a special action for the construction of high-level hospitals and a three-year action for improving medical technology capabilities Strive for more “National Brand” platforms such as National Medical Center, National Regional Medical Center, and National Clinical Medical Research Center to set up sub-centers in Wuxi; in terms of caring for “one old and one young”, Wuxi will implement an active population development strategy , improve the fertility support policy system, and reduce the cost of childbirth, childcare, and education.

Make greater efforts to implement policies and measures to support entrepreneurship, promote the connection of multi-level medical insurance, establish a national standardized cancer screening and early diagnosis and early treatment Wuxi sub-center, strive to create a national child-friendly city, and build an age-friendly city… Talking about the next stage of work , Zhao Jianjun said that Wuxi will continue to implement the “ten hundred thousand” action of people’s livelihood services, coordinate and promote practical projects for the people, “micro-happiness” people’s livelihood projects and “people’s voice message board” matters, and focus on solving the “top priority” and “Key small matters”, select and propose 12 candidates for people’s livelihood and submit them to the National People’s Congress for consideration and voting, so as to better turn what the government does into what the people expect and are satisfied with. (Finish)

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