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Xiamen opens “Green Channel for Life Aid” to help sick Taiwan compatriots quickly return to Taiwan for medical treatment-Chinanews.com

The Xiamen Gaoqi border checkpoint opened a “green channel for life assistance” to help sick Taiwanese compatriots quickly pass customs and return to Taiwan for medical treatment.Photo courtesy of Takasaki Border Inspection Station

Chinanews.com, Xiamen, January 12th (Yang Fushan, Lin Shujie) The Gaoqi border inspection station of the Xiamen General Border Inspection Station opened the “Green Channel for Life Aid” in time on the 12th to assist a sick Taiwanese compatriot to return to Taiwan for medical treatment in time.

At 10 a.m. that day, the Taiwan compatriot had to take the “Xun’an” flight back to Taiwan for treatment. After learning the information, the Takasaki border checkpoint planned and deployed in advance and made comprehensive preparations.

Personnel at the Takasaki border inspection station told reporters from China News Agency that the “green channel” was opened in time, and special personnel were arranged to quickly and conveniently go through customs clearance procedures for sick Taiwanese compatriots and their family members, and to assist in transporting sick Taiwanese compatriots to board direct passenger ships quickly. Patients save precious time and ensure that sick Taiwan compatriots pass through customs quickly and return home smoothly.

On January 7, the Xiamen (Men) Jin (Men) “Mini Three Links” passenger route resumed. Less than a week after the resumption of the route, the Takasaki border inspection station, in line with the concept of “life first, people first”, played the role of border inspection functions and the port customs clearance emergency mechanism, and actively cooperated with the port joint inspection unit and the Xiamen Red Cross Society to treat the sick An efficient and smooth “green channel for life assistance” has been opened up for the treatment of Taiwan compatriots returning home, and multiple parties have worked together to warm the way for Taiwan compatriots to return home. (Finish)

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