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Xining, Qinghai: Tax benefits “enhancing color” make the future of “fingertip” technology promising-Chinanews.com

The picture shows the tax cadres going deep into the enterprise to understand the pile embroidery process.Photo by Meiya Xing

  (Grassroots in the New Year) Xining, Qinghai: Tax benefits “enhancing color” make the future of “fingertip” technology promising

Chinanews.com, Xining, January 19th, title: Xining, Qinghai: Tax benefits “enhancing” make the future of “fingertip” technology promising

Author Li Jun Du Yaping Wang Shuhui

The 19th is the twenty-eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, and the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit is getting closer. At Huangzhong Jinxiuxuan Art Communication Co., Ltd., Xining City, Qinghai Province, embroiderers are coloring a series of New Year works. The exquisite fabric petals are colored and then pasted together according to the template, forming Qinghai’s unique Stack embroidery crafts.

Folk embroidery, Tu nationality plate show, paper-cutting… In the strong flavor of the New Year, folk crafts have become a bonus item for traditional festivals. Liu Qingwen, the person in charge of the company, is a post-90s born in the inheritance family of Dui embroidery. After graduating from university, she returned to her hometown Huangzhong with her love for the intangible cultural heritage of Dui embroidery, and began to engage in the production of Dui embroidery.

From establishing a workshop to recruiting embroiderers to developing into an industrial culture, Liu Qingwen has received help from many sources, and tax officials have become her “old acquaintances”. “When a new preferential tax policy is introduced, the tax department will inform us as soon as possible. Our workshop also enjoys a reduction of 38,000 yuan. With this money, we bought paints, brushes, embroidery, etc., which are of great benefit to us. Help.” Liu Qingwen said.

“We now have 40 embroiderers in our workshop, all of whom come from the surrounding countryside. They can take care of their families while passing on the craftsmanship of dui embroidery, and they can also make money through dui embroidery to support their families. This is also something I do for rural revitalization.” Talking about helping Liu Qingwen is full of hope for rural revitalization.

In order to promote the development of industries with national characteristics and radiate and drive the employment of low-income groups, the Xining Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation sorted out and integrated tax and fee support policies, and organized business backbones to provide taxpayers with electronic taxation bureaus, natural person withholding clients, and value-added tax invoices. Service platform, social security non-tax payment platform and other online taxation operation guidance, effectively solve the problems in the tax declaration operation. At the same time, through WeChat, QQ, tax-enterprise interactive platforms and other channels, timely push the latest preferential tax and fee policies to ensure that taxpayers should enjoy tax benefits.

The picture shows the tax cadres sending New Year blessings and policy packages to the company.Photo by Wu Guiyou

The picture shows the tax cadres sending New Year blessings and policy packages to the company.Photo by Wu Guiyou

“Highlighting national characteristics and carrying forward national culture” is the development direction of Qinghai Yuanhui Woodcarving Craft Co., Ltd. In the past year, due to insufficient supply of raw materials, it was difficult to find suitable material suppliers. After learning about the problems in the company’s purchase and sales channels, the taxation department of Xining City immediately played the role of the national supply chain query module to accurately match companies with purchase and sales needs from across the country, and actively build a contact platform so that supply and demand can match between companies. Realize “one-to-one” docking connection between enterprises, to a certain extent, help enterprises to broaden sales channels, and promote effective purchase and sale by both parties voluntarily and in accordance with market-oriented principles.

A few days ago, tax cadres walked into Qinghai Yuanhui Woodcarving Craft Co., Ltd. again with a gift package of tax incentives to send the 2023 “Spring Breeze Action for Convenience of Taxation” to the company, soliciting the company’s opinions and suggestions for the new year.

“In addition to helping to match suppliers and distributors, we also enjoyed a tax rebate of 91,200 yuan in 2022, which boosted our confidence in accelerating the resumption of work and production this year. We will develop woodcarving techniques, inherit national culture, and create a It is a batch of outstanding works of Qinghai folk customs.” said Li Fucheng, financial director of Qinghai Yuanhui Woodcarving Craft Co., Ltd.

Keep the ingenuity and protect the inheritance. Tax benefits guard the development of national skills with a small force. It is understood that there are currently 5 folk custom enterprises and 142 ethnic craft enterprises in the jurisdiction of Xining City, involving pile embroidery, Thangka, clay sculpture, ethnic handicrafts, ethnic costumes, etc. The Xining Municipal Taxation Bureau will continue to focus on the urgent, difficult and anxious issues in the development of ethnic characteristic industries, strengthen support for the intangible cultural heritage industry, and send good policies of national tax and fee reduction to ethnic craft manufacturing enterprises in a timely manner to help enterprises reduce their burdens , rapid development, and contribute to national unity, cultural heritage protection and rural revitalization. (Finish)

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