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Yangcheng’s New Year’s Eve Events Add New Year’s Flavor, Citizens Visit the Gardens and Live in the Spring

Photo by Bai Song at the event site, Guangzhou, January 14th, title: Yangcheng welcomes the New Year activities to add a taste of the new year, citizens visit the garden and make the vernal equinox taste the same

Author Wang Jian Wang Zijie

“The writing is really good! Please write me a pair of Spring Festival couplets.” “I want it too.”…The Lunar New Year is approaching, and in Jiahe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, there is a lively “Jade Rabbit Welcomes the Spring and Opens a New Chapter”——We The festival and Spring Festival themed event was held on the 13th, attracting many citizens to participate and adding a new spring atmosphere to the public.

At the event site, there was an endless stream of citizens who came to participate, and everyone rushed to experience the intangible cultural heritage culture, visited the garden together for spring, and received free medical consultations.

“Teacher, please help me write a copy of the character “Fu.” “No problem!” At the scene of the Huichun event, the calligrapher wrote neatly and vigorously. After a while, a strong “Fu” was written.

Photo by Bai Song at the event site

Photo by Bai Song at the event site

This is the scene of the “Playing with Folk Customs” section of the Spring Festival activities. Nine calligraphers wrote Spring Festival couplets and the word “Fu” according to the needs of the citizens. , while sharing the liveliness and festivities with everyone, it also inherits the traditional Chinese culture.

In addition to the Huichun activities, there are also activities such as deep-fried dumplings and deep-fried dumplings.

“Jiandui is busy, and the house is full of gold and silver.” Ms. Yang, a citizen of Guangzhou, introduced to the reporter that fried fried dough not only has “fireworks” but also has a cultural flavor. The golden fried fried dough not only smells fragrant but tastes sweet. Jiandui also means that everyone welcomes wealth and good luck in the new year. While talking, Ms. Yang “scrambled the oil wok” and “kneaded the dough” in a smooth manner, and a pan-fried dough was completed in a few tens of seconds.

“Our New Science and Technology Association has always attached great importance to the inheritance of traditional culture, and it ranks first in the establishment of the city’s appearance demonstration community.” Yang Zhuoqin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the New Science and Technology Association, said that he is very happy to be the venue for this event, adding a new year flavor to Yangcheng, and for Citizens create a New Year atmosphere.

Photo by Wang Zijie at the event site

Photo by Wang Zijie at the event site

“Zaizai, let’s go guess lantern riddles together.” “Okay, okay, there are small games to play over there.”… At the scene of the “Happy Garden” section of the Spring Festival event, the public listened carefully to the staff’s explanation of the game rules and prize redemption rules They also participated in small games in the happy garden, such as building blocks, touching stones to cross the river, happy table tennis, and throwing pots. Under these cooperative project games, everyone cooperated with each other and helped win-win results. The scene was full of laughter.

“Auntie, your blood pressure is a little high. You should pay attention to it, eat a light diet, and have a regular schedule.” At the “Love Clinic” section of the event, doctors and volunteers from the Jiahe Community Health Service Center tested blood sugar for residents and friends. Measure blood pressure, and answer questions about strengthening daily health care for the elderly, preventing common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases, etc., to help everyone spend the new year in good health.

Photo by Wang Zijie at the event site

Photo by Wang Zijie at the event site

It is reported that the event is guided by the Civilization Office of Guangzhou City, and co-sponsored by the Baiyun District New Era Civilization Practice Center, Baiyun District Civilization Office, Jiahe Street Party Working Committee and other units.

The relevant person in charge of Jiahe Street said that through holding this event, we hope that citizens and friends will actively participate, experience festival folk customs, inherit traditional culture, and enhance cultural self-confidence, creating a strong festive atmosphere of joy, harmony, festive enthusiasm, and civilization and progress for everyone. (Finish)

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