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Zhonghua Liquor’s heavy new product is put into production and launched in the country, and the first limited edition is 50 tons-Chinanews.com

“This may be one of the sauce wine products with the most oriental charm in recent years.” On December 30, 2022, the new product of Zhonghua Wine was officially launched, integrating super IP and traditional culture, integrating oriental aesthetic design and high-quality sauce wine. A suit with great brand tension.

As the soy sauce and wine market enters an adjustment cycle, soy sauce and wine companies are seeking a special node for transformation and upgrading, and the new Zhonghua Wine Industry, which was launched for the first time, has aroused great attention from the industry. What kind of products will the sauce wine market favor in 2023? Zhonghua Liquor, which seeks high-quality development with high-grade products, is writing a new answer about brand, quality and culture.

  Zhonghua Liquor’s heavy new product is put into production and launched, and both internal and external repairs highlight the scarcity value

How to define a high-end soy sauce wine with unique taste?

Obviously, the high price alone is not enough to support high-end value, and the process of shaping high-end products is a long-distance race beyond a marathon, which requires not only tenacity, endurance, but also exquisite craftsman spirit and highly infectious The cultural connotation of power.

Backed by the strong industrial resources of Beijing Yiqing and Capital Liquor, Zhonghua Liquor brings new masterpieces at the beginning of the year, undoubtedly worthy of high-grade and high-value evaluation. Its unique packaging transcends the design ideas of traditional wine products, and combines the super brand IP with typical oriental elements, creating an exclusive cultural symbol for the brand and making a qualitative leap in product style.

Chinese wine product map

The main body of the first flagship product, Zhonghua Wine, adopts Chinese red color, with uniform and pure glaze color, and extraordinary style; the round and square bottle shape design follows the essence of classical oriental aesthetics, and the five bas-relief wavy black patterns on the bottle body flow and merge all the way, inclusive and inclusive , implying the continuation of Chinese civilization; the inspiration of the bottle cap comes from the classic structure of Chinese architecture “Dougong”, with the word “Hua” as the shape, implying the prosperity of China; The famous “Zhonghua” product name, the brushwork is vigorous and powerful, showing the spirit and elegance.

Constructing the unique style of Chinese culture and oriental aesthetics in design, it can be seen that China Wine Industry has unique insights in shaping the cultural connotation of the brand. The style of a great country shown in the design concept endows the Chinese brand with a high degree of taste, while the excellent body of the wine brewed in the core production area of ​​China’s sauce wine endows the brand with a high degree of quality.

It is understood that Zhonghua Liquor is produced in the middle reaches of the Chishui River Valley. It adheres to the traditional Daqu sauce-flavored ancient brewing process, and scientifically selects high-vintage top-level wines. It has typical characteristics such as clear and slightly yellow, outstanding sauce aroma, elegant and delicate, comfortable aging aroma, full-bodied wine, harmonious flavors, rich layers, long aftertaste, and long-lasting fragrance in an empty cup.

In addition, Zhonghua Liquor Industry established the “Zhonghua Liquor Quality Committee” to gather the power of top liquor masters to escort the product quality, which also fully demonstrated the ingenuity of Zhonghua Liquor Industry. Only by cultivating both internal and external can a bottle of Chinese wine carrying Chinese taste be achieved.

According to the brand, the 2022 launch commemorative pack of Zhonghua Liquor is limited to only 50 tons. It is a product of the national distribution channel. The suggested retail price is 1499 yuan per bottle, which makes the product’s scarcity value even more significant.

Another first product, Zhonghua Wine (Taste), presents another style – noble and elegant. Drawing inspiration from “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, this product has some depth and gracefulness of classical aesthetics. As an exclusive product for large customers, this elegant, delicate, mellow and soft Chinese wine (taste) is undoubtedly the best choice for high-quality consumer circles.

Chinese wine (taste) product map

  High-end soy sauce wine takes the lead in 2023. Why does Chinese wine come later?

With the awakening of rational consumption consciousness, consumers of high-end sauce wine are no longer satisfied with sensory enjoyment, and begin to pursue higher-level spiritual needs. Ultimate quality and spiritual experience have become a new consumption trend of high-end sauce wine. Based on this, the forward-lookingness of Zhonghua Wine in shaping the hard power of quality and soft power of culture has been revealed.

Beijing Yiqing, a state-owned enterprise in the capital

It is reported that Zhonghua Liquor Industry, backed by the powerful resources of Beijing Yiqing, a state-owned enterprise in the capital, has continuously explored and accumulated the traditional brewing technology and scientific research technology reserves of high-end liquor. Maotai Town plans to invest huge sums of money to build a comprehensive experiential wine valley that integrates ecology, brewing, storage, packaging, culture, landscape, wine tourism, etc., covering an area of ​​315 acres, with a design target production capacity of 8,000 tons. The layout and expansion of construction will continue in the future Sauce flavor production base. Give the brand the resilience and stamina of sustainable development.

The brand operation of Zhonghua Liquor can grasp the key links of channel layout and consumer cultivation. From the road to simplicity, high-end sauce wine must return to the “last mile”, resonate with the same frequency as the channel, and provide consumers with high-quality services and good experience. Relying on the advantages of the capital’s location, top scientific research capabilities, excellent liquor quality and Beijing Yiqing’s resource strength, Zhonghua Liquor will create a new business model and shape a new pattern of leading liquor brands.

In the eyes of industry insiders, the adjustment period of sauce wine is a historical opportunity for Zhonghua Wine to overtake at a bend. Brand inheritance, quality inheritance, and cultural structure will create a long-term competitive advantage for Zhonghua Wine. In 2023, high-end sauce The wine track creates a new cultural paradigm.

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